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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Probably 9 years ago a doe came around our house along with her two fawns. Bruce was spending lots of time around outside getting the "yard" cleaned up and spent a lot of time talking to the three of them. He named the two Eddie and Junior. It was always easy to determine which of the many deer that came around was Junior as he has a black line between his eyes. He came around for a few years and he grew a LOT. Then he disappeared for many years and we figured that he had become an adornment on someone's wall. However, here he is! He turned up again a couple of weeks ago and although he is a wild and B-I-G buck, he surely does know his name. He is OUTSIDE our fence. Around here it is sort of like living in a zoo---but we are the ones that are fenced in!!!

The other "big deal" around here is that we finally bought a flat screen TV. We are doing our best to help the economy grow. I picked it up in Alamosa yesterday and with only a little trouble we got it up and running. Boy, watching college football on it sure is fun!!! Now here is hoping that FSU can beat Maryland tonight!!! :)+


Mike McFall said...

Neat!!! What a deal,,,you have too much time on your hands and we can't find enough time in a day! Is there not a happy medium ?

I would LOVE some of your "quiet" time,,,,,but then I LOVE all the excitement of the activities going on all around us. I just have to "hole up" once in a while and be a hermit. Know what I mean? We all have what we have and must ENJOY and make the best of it. We are both OH SO LUCKY!!
My best to you both!!

God Bless

Your Blog is great! Just write from you mind....Life is good!

Sasha:) said...

So glad Junior is back!!! That is so neat. You guys are his "home base". :) Everyone needs one of those! Good luck with that new TV. FUN!

Bruce said...

Junior coming back was a real surprise. About two weeks earlier his twin brother Eddie came and hung around for a day and while I was cooking breakfast outside we talked and since he was only a few feet away I asked him where Junior was and was he okay. Next thing I know a few days later here was Junior. I've known that deer for several years and he used to let me rub his nose, follow me around and take apple pieces from my hand. Anyone else come around and he would vanish. I don't know how he did it but one minute he was there and then he was gone. Love that guy. Bruce

Sandy Stiefer said...

You and Bruce have the best of both worlds....mountain seclusion, wildlife beauty (especially Eddie & Junior), and being close to the city, getting a flat screen TV...I'd say you are "well-rounded" with amenities for the good life!