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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Better pics

Time to get the snowthrower out. Bruce got the thrower put on the tractor a week or so ago so that it would be ready. It does a good job and he has become quite the expert at clearing the driveway waaaaaaaaaaay back to make lots of room for the rest of the snow we will get throughout the winter.
This is the door that goes into the area under the house---where the washer is and other stuff. It took Bruce awhile to dig through all of that as it comes off the roof. Thankfully the door opens IN!

Guess it's a good thing that we don't have anywhere to go (even if our road was plowed). The Jeep is under there! It will eventually get dug out......................

This is our woodshed. We dug out the path to it first thing so I could bring some firewood in. We do NOT need to do our exercises today!

We will sleep well tonight..........................but it is absolutely gorgeous and we sure do need the moisture! :)+

1 comment:

Mike McFall said...

Neat pictures!!! Especially when we're sitting here in our shorts in 85 deg weather looking at them!...LOL