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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun weekend!

I don't think that I know anyone in this picture but I thought it would be an attention getter!  A month or so ago I sent in the notarized form so that we could participate in  We have sent one box to a gal who is in Quatar and believe it or not she had it 6 days after we sent it.  That website has all sorts of requests from guys and gals in all branches of the service and the one that caught our eye today was OPERATION FORGOTTEN SOLDIER.  Folks submit names and addresses of soldiers who get no mail---so we got a letter done that will go to 6 different soldiers.  We sure do feel for those folks who are so far from home and especially if they have no one to keep in contact with them.  We were so pleased to get an EMAIL from the gal in Quatar!

On Valentine's Day we went over to friend's cabin for breakfast---raspberry scones, yummy quiche and fresh fruit (blueberries, bananas, kiwi, strawberries and pineapple).  It sure was good and the company was great!  In the afternoon I made one of our favorite meals, the one I make for special occassions---Welch Rarebit. Then we had Chocolate Fondue for dessert.  We hadn't been to town for a week or so so all we had to dip was apple, bananas and maraschino cherries which were perfect! 

Got taxes done today on line --- didn't e-file them yet as it was supposed to be FREE but when I got to the end, it said $24.95!!  I expect that I will get a response to my email to them tomorrow.  Also have been spending too much time on Facebook----but it sure is fun!

We haven't had much of any snow---maybe 2 or 3"---but more will come, sooner or later.  We did take the opportunity to put a bit more wood into the woodshed.

So that is all I can think of to tell ya.  Have a great week!  :)+


Joy and Phil said...

Carol and Bruce,

Mike and Pat had nothing but good things to say about you two. I was jealous when they said they had been to your home ... maybe someday I'll get there too!

You might be surprised about how many people read your blog. There are lots of lurkers out there who read mine but do not ever leave a comment. Mostly folks from our home town that tell us they read us all the time.

Have you ever thought of putting a hit counter on your blog? That would tell you how many people are stopping by. I average about 30 a day and Mike says he gets about 50 hits each day.

Keep writing and I'll keep reading!!

Mike McFall said...

All those sweets, I don't see how you two stay so slender! Oh, it has to be all the exercize you get choppin wood and walkin the dogs!!:-) Plus they say it burns calories keeping your body warm!!

I admire how you guys are always helping others!!Neat!
Stay warm!


Joy and Phil said...

My blog is a pale pink behind the letters that are sort of a Magenta? color. I'm not very good with colors so it might be burgandy for all I know.

Anywhooo, I haven't heard of anyone else having trouble reading it ... sorry about that!

Joy and Phil said...

Carol and Bruce,

Sorry I didn't answer your question sooner ?????? Head up -- you know where, I guess.

I suggest searching for a user friendly hit counter on the web but that is not always easy, just keep trying them out. I googled "blogger hit counter" and got a long list of free ones.

I just kept following instructions until I found one that worked for me.