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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday update

Anybody remember Little Lulu? I have an account on Facebook and have a lot of fun with it---and found my old friend in the "flair" department.
Anyway, after I wrote my two blogs yesterday, things got really interesting. I decided to go to our Mastercard on line and check the postings and found a post of $67.09 with Barnes and Noble. Only thing was, we hadn't ordered anything from Barnes and Noble. Got on the phone this morning; someone in Beverly Hills, CA had made that order! So after making the report, being assured that the credit would be issued and the fraud department would track this person/these people down and calling CitiCard to cancel the account, I started calling the 5 companies that automatically charge our account for services rendered to cancel that credit card number. Boy, talk about a "God thing". One place I called was Dish TV and as I was listening to the recording to figure out which number to punch, I could have sworn the recording said that our balance was $386.17!!!!!!!! HUH!!!???? So come to find out when the guy came to replace our old receiver with a new HD DVR on Dec. 4, he apparently neglected to turn the old one into the main office in Colorado Springs and we were being charged for it. After a number of phone calls, it was tracked down and a $300+ credit has been applied to our Dish TV account. Geez, that sure would have been a major surprise.
So to anyone who reads this, if you can, be sure to check your on-line statements. We anxiously await our new cards in a week!
We did get a couple of inches of new snow last night which is a welcome sight. We need more than 130" more to meet the average snowfall but since our snowiest months aren't here yet, we aren't panicking. If we don't get that snow though we will be looking forward to a scarey dry summer.
Have a great week!! :)+

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