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Sunday, February 22, 2009

nuthin' new

I am on my laptop and don't have very many pictures on here.  This is a recent one of my son Ben and my grandson (OK, his son, Aiden).  Ben loves his two kids so much....and is a very good Daddy.  They live far, far away in Virginia....

Well, this has been another non-event week in the mountains of Southern Colorado.  No snow, no company, no place to go!!!!  Bruce did cook breakfast out and used a yam instead of his normal white potato.  It was pretty darned good---for a change---but will stick with the regular from now on.

Dogs are doing fine.  Snow is melting. Our snowiest months are yet to come so neither of us are complaining.  There will be plenty enough to move in March and maybe even April.  We have long winters here!!!  The temps have been in the 20's in the a.m. when we get up (except the morning Bruce cooked out; it was 8 degrees so he waited until it" warmed up" a little) and in the mid-40's during the lots of melting has happened.  The dirt roads are pretty much bare.

One fun thing is I have found another college friend as well as a few relatives on Facebook.  I really love that site!  Also were able to refer someone on the East coast to a German Shepherd rescue site as he is looking for a GSD.  Couldn't do that without the internet!

So that is all from this end. Maybe I will have something exciting to report next Sunday.  Even when nothing is happening, it is a good week!


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