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Saturday, May 16, 2009


This has been a pretty uneventful week at our end.  The spring that I posted last week?  Yesterday morning it was not running.  It shows up and then is all done!  The driveway is still very wet though from the other springs that run down into it. 

We got most of the mulching done and some of it spread out.  Today was going to be "set up the woodmill" day but a cloud moved in during the night and as I write this, we are still in it....misty, dark and dreary and damp as well.

The woodmill  is a Lucas from Australia.  It has more than paid for itself as we mill out the dead pine that is on our 11 acres and Bruce uses it to build things, especially rooms.  He has built the garage, the mudroom and our breakfast room out of wood milled right off our lots!  These are a few pictures of it that I took last year. 

(click on pictures to make larger)

We have discussed selling it but then Bruce thinks of something else that he wants to build.  This time the logs will be cut for fence posts as we are going to replace the fence we have in part of the "back yard".

The only other thing that has kept ME busy is the new blog site that I set up primarily for the landowners in our development that are all over the US as well as the world and other residents in the Southern part of Colorado.  However, it is for anyone to take a peek at and contribute to.  In just a week I have gotten nearly 800 hits!!!!!!  I still have more people to notify of it's existance via email.  Anyway, it is at

Bruce made the 2 hour trip to Pueblo yesterday and did "Sam's Club" shopping, then the 2 hour trip back.  I will be heading to Florida in another week and a half so he wanted to get the pantry re-supplied and plenty of dog food in.

So that is all from this end for now.  Have a great week!  :)+


Mike McFall said...

That bruce is one talented guy,,,,I have seen his work! I wish I had just a smidgen of it..


Mike McFall said...

His TALENT, I mean!!!!:-)