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Sunday, September 6, 2009

a rare Sunday posting!

The Labor Day Bash was a great time. The band that Jeff is in, Derringer, was all set up under a large canopy. Jeff and Margo own the campground and do this each Memorial Day weekend as well as Labor Day weekend. We have been fortunate enough to attend two Labor Day Bash's. They supply the meat (burgers, hot dogs and brats, buns, etc.) and we bring something to share. There was a slight rain break when we all scurried back to our camping units but then we went back for more music!

Here is Derringer's banner..............

and the band. Jeff is on the left with guitar and keyboard---and of course mike.

Jeff...........looking very serious which isn't usually the look he has on his face.

Jeff and his high school biology teacher, Barry Thorpe; he is quite the musician himself. He joined the band with guitar in hand for a few of the songs.

Just some of the folks that there there!

So that is that, folks. If you ever think you will be in the Buena Vista, Colorado area the weekend of Labor Day, be sure to check into spending a few night here. The bash is great fun!

Happy Labor Day to all and safe travel! :)+


Sandy said...

Looks like a really fun time! Jim & I will have to go camp there when we get in full gear in going. Thanks for sharing.

Ron and Thelma said...

What is the free program that you used to resized the pictures. The dogs look like they are happy.

Mike McFall said...

Yep, fun fun fun!! Now you know why we love our life so much...we do this EVERYDAY. Course thats also why we are so busy we can hardly keep our heads above water..

Enjoy the fun!! Life is short.