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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday again.............

and it has been a busy week for us as we are still camping. September 11 is a bitter sweet day as we commemorate all those who died on that dreadful day..........

but still celebrate Bruce's birthday! Here he is with his new birthday hat checking email!
The emblem on the hat is from the SAC Elite Guard in the Air Force of which he was a member....back in the good old days.

Saturday after we went to the Apple Fest at the Turner Farm here in Buena Vista, my friend Jeannie and I went to a goat farm down the road from where we are camping for a tour. Their website is Here are some of the kids.

Jeannie named this one "Checkers"!

Here is Gus getting some of the gals ready for milking. Man, those little things have great suction!

This gal struck quite the pose for the camera!

They have quite the cheese making production. This is the entrance to the aging cave.

After everyone else left, I asked why we hadn't gotten a chance to milk by Dan took Jeannie and I back to give it a try. It isn't easy but once I got the hang of it, I got about 1/4 cup into the bucket! The gal was getting a little impatient with me!

And here is my blue ribbon! We really enjoyed the tour and left with a few varieties of goat cheese. The business only started in March and are already sending cheeses overseas!!!

We will be heading home on Tuesday but it has been a great camping trip. We do hope to get up to Cottonwood Lake for a little fishing before we head back.

A couple of you have asked about that picture resizing site and here it is--it is really easy to use:

So that is all from this end today, y'all. We had a bad rainstorm last night (lots of thunder and lightning) and I bet there is some good snow on the mountain tops when the clouds raise. If so, will post them later.

Have a great week! :)+


Mike McFall said...

I never want to MILK another anything as long as I live!! I milked Cow's (by hand) when I was young until I was sick of it...

I don't even like Milk no mo...

Picasa will resize your photo's and do a great job..

Great Blog's!!!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Yes, and Picasa has great editing to make even ones out of focus come up. Lots of info on Picasa on GeeksOnTour.
Lovely pictures of the goats, thanks.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX