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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, October 10

This hasn't been an exciting week at all---a week off!!! I attended a luncheon on Monday with a bunch of gals from our area which was lots of fun and a meeting on Friday.

Bruce had a project that he completed---put some new shelves in the basement area that has a dirt floor...where we store stuff like extra food and also the washing machine is there. The shelves allowed him to get everything much more organized and "seeable".

We also got around 3" of snow this week but most of it has melted off. I don't imagine it will all disappear though as we are already having very cold temps. It sure was a short fall!!! The trees have lost a lot of their leaves already.

Our Florida State Football isn't doing well this season but perhaps they can pull off a win tonight!

Y'all have a super good week! :)+

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Mike McFall said...

I don't envoy you that cold blistery miserable weather....
Here in Mission TX this morning at 5am it is 69*.......

We have been SOoooooo busy its unbelievable,,,,I'm ready for some slo time,,,,I'm heading for the salt water Hot Tub tonight before I go to bed!!

Megabyte2 is HOME!! I wonder if she recognizes it?,,seems to me like she might and it also seems as if she is looking for her old boyfriend "Tom".....Dawg gone him!

Stay warm and dry!