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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 22

It is amazing how from one Sunday to another it is so different here. Last Sunday we were getting major snow again. This first picture is looking down our road. This part of the road is not plowed during the wintertime....and we love snowshoeing down it when it gets deep.

Our home from the road.
This is the way we walk each morning (if the snow isn't too deep). That is the ice covered lake.

Bruce went outside Tuesday morning to dig out the path to the propane tank as we were supposed to have a delivery that day.

A few years ago Bruce enclosed the propane tank with a rock wall and it has a lid on top to keep the snow off the tank. By the way, the delivery was changed to Thursday!

It is still very cold here (in the 30's) but the sun is out and it looks warmer!!!! Most of the snow from last Sunday has either melted in or off and it doesn't look like there is anymore in the forecast for awhile so we will take a breather.

Everyone, have a blessed Thanksgiving! :)+


Mike McFall said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too!!

They call us sno-birds,,,,I think you guys are Sno-birds!!!

God Bless

Con said...

I came across your blog this afternoon and just finished reading thru it. Loved your pics!

We can relate to your lifestyle - woods, wildlife, firewood for woodstove, pets, personal sawmill (planed lots of hemlock boards last spring to panel our DE cottage basement this summer).

The cowboy breakfasts sound like fun. Gonna have to try that here. Keep warm and thanks for sharing!

Connie in PA