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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday, May 9

The better weather has finally arrived and that means that it is time to start the outside work. One of the first things that Bruce wanted to do is move a big stump...and he did. This is taken from the deck and you can see where the stump was.

Here's Bruce with the stump. That wall to the left is the front wall of the "tractor garage"...where he keeps the tractor. The plan is to remove this wall so he will be able to drive through!

This is the outside wall of the breakfast room. Bruce is putting up stone and cement to insulate and also protect the house should there ever be a wildfire.

One thing we have is plenty of rocks!!!

The plan is to go up to the top of the window!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Mike McFall said...

Lookin Good!!! Plus no snow!!