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Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Bears - by Bruce

Below is a photo of a little baby bear that just appeared at our house alone looking very lost. No mama in sight and the little guy was wet and miserable from the rain. He somehow got separated from his mother and later in the day here comes mama walking down the road with the most determined look I have ever seen on a bear. I would not want to get in her way at all. Head down, focused straight ahead and taking the same path her baby was on. We never found out if she found him or not because he had a half day head start on her. Wouldn't want to be in his paws when she did catch up to him. This happened a few years ago and he was such a pathetic looking little guy that you couldn't help feeling sorry for him. Wet, wandering around, crying, just a very scared little guy.
Below is a photo taken from off our deck last year of a mama and her three cubs. The third cub is not in this photo but those three couldn't have been over 10# each. The mother kept them around our house for several weeks to train them. She had been eating grass about 8' away from me before heading off when I got this photo. This occurred last year and this is the mama that came out of the ditch not 20' away when Bozwell and I were walking down the driveway. We stood in place and Bozwell sat down and mama used the incident to teach the cubs just how close they could come to us. It was interesting to watch the lesson. She sat down and a little huff would call those cubs back. After about 10 minutes or so we all went our separate ways. The mother bear knew that our house was safe and stayed around with her cubs for the longest time giving them lessons before moving on. Later in the summer we saw her at the end of the driveway with those cubs that had grown to a respectable size.

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