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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning walk - Bruce

Whoooooooo, do you expect to see on our morning walks? What else but a Horned Owl. Perched right there by the side of the road for us to see up close. We had the opportunity to see him twice on our walk this morning. Yesterday it was a very large Coyote that probably looked larger than he was because of all that fluffy fur; the morning before was a bear and today we see this Horned Owl. Did you know the difference between a wolf and coyote can be determined when you see them run. A wolf runs with his tail straight back and a coyote runs with his tail down. I had forgotten just how big these Owls are up close. Big!
Last night when we let Bozwell out to do his late evening business, as he was looking for just the perfect place in the back yard, what comes down the mountain but a deer. You may not believe this but I put my hand up in the halt position and the deer stopped, stood there about 5 minutes and when Bozwell had finished and started back to the house I gave the deer the come on down sign and it started on down toward the salt lick. We have so many incidences and stories about our interacting with the wild animals here I wouldn't know where to start. Having a deer do this is absolutely no surprise to us at all. It happens all the time.
So whooooooo will we see tomorrow I wonder.......

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Ron and Thelma said...

That would be the neat thing about living where you do. All the snow would not. Enjoy reading your blog. Your post on keeping the dogs on leashes made a lot of sense after you told what all wildlife is there