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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Better by Bruce

We have had a planter here for many years now with the flag pole cemented in the middle of it. Well, it is now an improved planter. Every time I would get near it in the winter I seemed to somehow hit it with the tractor and knock stones off or they would catch and fall out. Today I took the rocks down and cemented them back in place. It is only about a food deep and maybe 8' long but it got to be a problem putting those pieces back together so now it is solid. For more years than I can remember it has been an annoying factor. Every time I bumped it I would say I need to fix that but then would promptly forget. Once one of those rocks would get knocked out it seemed I never could get them to wedge back in right.
Next step is to plant some mint plants in it. It was also a habitat for voles, chipmunks, ground squirrels, a nest of ants and probably some critters that I was unaware of. Now they will have to find other habitat because I hope they can't gnaw through cement and rock.

Just one of those little jobs that keeps getting put off until another rock or two falls off. Problem fixed! Newel post is fixed honey..... Slowly but surely getting r done.

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