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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gypsy the wonder dog - Bruce

Below are photo's of our non German Shepherd girl named Gypsy. Gypsy is now over 13 years old and according to our veterinarian she is nearing the end of her life cycle much like many of us are. Gypsy came to us via an acquaintance in our community at age two. She was bought in Pueblo for a grandson and then he went to live elsewhere so because of her profuse shedding she became more than they wanted to cope with. Even with a proper diet she sheds her coat a lot, (A LOT) but the love and devotion she provides makes it all worth while to brush her every other day. She has been with us now for over 11 years.

This is a photo of Gypsy on our deck on watch for anything that will move. It is heart breaking to see her get old but we try to dwell on the moment and remember the good days she has had. She had abscessed teeth a year ago and had 5 teeth pulled. She does well with her remaining teeth and still rules two German Shepherds. She is losing bladder control so she takes estrogen pills every few days to keep that from getting any worse. She gets a doggy aspirin each day for joint pain and to keep her from having more mini strokes. When I am at the computer like I am now she is usually sleeping right beside me so I can reach down and give her a doggy pat or two. She has become gray but then I have too. We both get around at about the same pace. She keeps up with the other two dogs and they are very attentive and respectful toward her. I try not to think about her getting older in front of my eyes and still see her as the wonder dog she is. We try to always give her a little special attention and loving.

Here she is doing what she loves best - camping. As I type this I have a photo of her on my computer desk and there is no gray hair, her gaze is direct and full of awareness. Now her eyes are less focused because of cataracts and her hearing is diminishing. We have to talk loud to get her to hear but she is still smart and alert and picks up on what we want. Just two days ago all three dogs were in the front room napping with me and all of a sudden her head came up, she sniffed the air and she gave a bark. Neither of the other two dogs had a clue what she was doing. We all went out on the deck and sure enough by the side of the house was a bear. She smelled that bear so her fading vision and poor hearing never came into play. Even at her age the other two dogs rely on her to lead the way. She has never liked bears and used to go out of her way to bark and chase them away. One time she actually jumped off the deck and landed right in the middle of a bears back. That was one confused and scared bear and fortunately I was able to get to her instantly and get her in the house.

So this posting is fully dedicated to a girl that has been fully dedicated to us. She has been and continues to be the girl that loves to give little soft doggy kisses, snuggle and lay in my lap. When we go to bed each night I always tell her and the other two dogs that I love them. I am aware that she knows that but it is good for me to say it each and every night on a one on one basis with her and the other two dogs. I could write volume's on her escapades and outstanding qualities but just calling her the wonder dog seems to say it all.

Gypsy the wonder dog who's loyalty and love demonstrate it all.....She will be loved and carefully cared for as long as she is with us and when that terrible time comes she will remain in our hearts always.


Lois said...

What a lovely tribute to a wonderful little companion. I love dogs and especially enjoy reading about yours as most of our
family, especially Bill and Tim and Jennifer and Gary love them too.....the rest have many, many cherished cats. And they are
o.k. too but don't give the same love a dog does.
Thanks for the report.

Bruce said...

Thanks Lois: It is really hard to describe what a really good girl she is.

Bruce said...

Speaking of bears in Gypsy's topic. We just came in from letting the dogs out to go potty and there was a very huge 300-500 lb. bear just up from the back yard. Gypsy gave it a cursory bark and then went about sniffing the back yard.

Sandy said...

I just love to read your blogs, you write very well. I am so very sorry to hear of Gypsy’s health failing. My dog, Gizmo, was 13 when she expired at the vet’s office when I had her boarded the 1st year Jim & I were married. She had bladder cancer, had surgery, and did well about 3-4 yrs after that. But when she began bleeding again, I knew it had returned. I know how hard it is to lose a family pet, they are so much a part of the family and they do remain in your heart forever. Enjoy her every day! Thanks for your loving story about Gypsy. Sandy

Bruce said...

Thanks Sandy: If You really want to read an excellent article click on all about German Shepherd's by Barbara, over in the blogs to follow column of this blog. Go to "I'd be lost without you" and read it.
That is the best article I have ever read on GSD's. Barbara has captured the true essence of the GSD. I want to do an article about our two GSD's but she has totally captured the true essence of both our GSD's. I simply can't improve on perfection. It is worth reading and is short and concise. Bruce