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Friday, July 16, 2010

My contraption for cutting wood: by Bruce

Well here is my design and system for cutting fire wood. I pull the wood to be cut to the top of the ramp with the tractor and then Carol feeds it one log at a time down the ramp. As she feeds it I cut it off to length at the other end. Previously I had the ramp made already and used it to slide firewood down to the woodshed door and into the shed. Now it has a double purpose. It is held to the posts by two wood screws and when the posts get loose, I use my handy tamper (leaning against the firewood) on the left to pack the dirt tight again. Now to see if it works!!!!!!

In theory it should be fine and will deposit the firewood right where we need it and at a height that will not kill my back when I cut it. We pile wood up next to the shed on the deck and it is central to where most of the firewood is stacked. It will be easy to move if I have to. Just dig two more holes and put it in them, tamp the dirt down and away I go.

Thanks to Rob for sending the excellent plans for a folding saw buck. When this one gives out that is exactly what I will build. It can be stored away in the winter and looks very solid. Rob, was it your idea that as long as I'm making one that I might as well make two so we would each have one?

Hmmm, wonder if I can get a high stool to sit on while I cut that firewood? Okay Rob, got any good flexible stool plans? I'm thinking that I may be getting a handle on this business of cutting 9-11 cords of firewood. More to follow on the wood cutting as it is our last major project for the year.


Anonymous said...

Manuel built a folding saw buck that has proved to be amazingly useful. Come check it out!
Mary Anne

Bruce said...

We'll sure do that Mary Anne..