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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rain - by Bruce

This is what rain looks like at 9,750' in the mountains. I may be mistaken but I believe this is the first real rain we have had since the snow has melted. What looks like fog is really clouds that drift through the mountains. We are in the clouds this morning and it has been raining steadily for at least a couple hours. I know it may be corny taking a photo of rain but for us it is such a rare occurrence I thought a photo would help me to keep from forgetting what it looks like.

It has rained enough that the ground is soaked and it is now running off. It was such a strange sound on the roof when I woke up I thought it was the wind. It is very unusual that we get this much rain for this long of a time. Nice steady, downpour of rain. Being in a semi arid area it is soaked up immediately and everything is so vivid in color. As it runs off the mountain it will cut trenches in the dirt but those are easily repaired when it stops. I suspect we have an inch thus far and it is still coming down steady. Yea...

When I let the dogs out this morning they bounced out back like always; looked up and saw and felt the rain and immediately took care of business and headed right back inside where Carol was waiting for them with a towel. They got dried off one at a time and now show no interest in going back out. The only one who needs a trip back out is Sarah and she clearly doesn't want to go.

The rain brings out the color of each green tree, bush, weed, flower, leaf and the fresh smell is wonderful. It may be a cool (51 degrees) and damp but it delights the senses for sure. It is so rare that we get a nice steady, regular, downpour like this morning it is worth appreciating when these moments do occur.

So corny or not, here is what our rain in the mountains looks like. Such a rare occurrence for us I though it was worth sharing. Pollen has been washed into the ground, dust washed off leaves, house and vehicle get a free bath, and when the sun comes back out it will be so very beautiful out it will take your breath away.

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