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Friday, July 30, 2010

Whew! by Bruce

Got the news yesterday from the CAT scan I took. Nothing life threating and only a hernia requires surgery. Modern day medical technology sure is something. Machines that can look into every nook and cranny of your body. They can also do things like they did to me and pump contrasting stuff into your veins and watch it flow through your body. Pretty cool me thinks. I was over due for an oil change anyway. Wish I could have seen it instead of laying there on that table. The table was pretty cool too, you keep moving in and out of this big donut looking thing like maybe the machine may have been constipated or something. I kept yelling at the technician not to flush but I don't think by the look on his face he knew what I was talking about.
I've heard of The Rolling Stones, gall stones, kidney stones, rolling stones don't gather moss, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, getting stoned, stoner; but prostrate stones? Never heard of them and neither had my doctor. Also nothing to be done about them what ever they are.

I also think it is really cool I wasn't allergic to the cat scan machine. I'm very allergic to cats but this one seemed okay. I don't know where they kept the cats in it because it whirred and didn't purr much. I took an allergy pill before the test just in case.

Well, now that the tests are done and the results are in I can get back to my work around here - at least until that surgeon calls with an appointment for the hernia surgery. I guess lifting logs, large boulders and such isn't really good for an older body. Maybe its time to consider limiting my lifting to 150 pounds or less. I had planned to cut back in a couple years anyway, but maybe now is the time. I guess the old body has different ideas than mine and a different time frame too. Those large rocks that are still in the way will just have to stay where they are for now. Maybe sometime in the future I'll have to buy a wood splitter instead of splitting the 9-11 cords of firewood a year by using a hand mall. Well, I guess that is something we will all will have to face one day. Well, time to get back to work - but I'll sure watch myself.

Ah yeah, I got a print out on our truck yesterday. They said one of the tires was low on pressure. How much more sophisticated can it get than a computer in Canada can tell what is going on with our vehicle here in the mountains of Colorado. Now if they could combine the technology with our truck to us they would be able to see our inner parts and how they were functioning all the time. And I thought television and cell phones were a modern marvels.


Barbara said...

Well Bruce, glad to hear that your body parts are humming along just fine. I'm sure your surgery will be successful for you as well. They can't keep a good "mountain man" down for long! You and Carol and the "furkids" have a great week-end!

Ron and Thelma said...

Just got a copy of Mother Earth news. Great article. That roof is rally steep. Now I know why you dread cleaning the chimney