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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something to share - by Bruce

This is the photo of a Hermit Thrush. They are allusive and hard to photograph and this is a photo I have copied and pasted from another source. As I sat there reading and studying this morning it was about Mozart and his pet starling. It is said that he was so fascinated with the birds melody that he wrote a piece about it.

All nature is a grand symphony, and the Hermit Thrush is right up there in the front row. To listen to its trill, warble, and melody as the sunrise (like in the previous topic) comes up it just overwhelms a person. It is the most haunting and beautiful melody you will hear in nature. It is not overwhelming in volume but when you hear it you will definitely know it for its unique melody. You don't see the bird but you can often hear its beautiful and wonderful song.

When you get up early as I do you hear the various birds all tune up and then sing the day into existence, it makes getting up at that early hour worthwhile. Then as the sun edges up a little higher and peeks over the horizon you hear the individual birds all welcome the day and a brand new start. For such small creatures they truly sing their little hearts out. First one, then another then more. Then they all come together in harmony. Then later you may hear some insects chime in, and the aspen leaves rattle on the branches in the breeze. It is nature's symphony at its very best and if you are there to soak it in you are truly blessed. Then it is all drown out by jets going overhead, vehicle noise down on the main road, generators running, chain saws, and other man made noises.

For a while however, you hear the most beautiful sounds made from nature itself. It is so very beautiful and I don't believe any symphony with all the finest instruments and skilled players could come close to duplicating those magical sounds of welcoming the morning by the birds. If hearing the William Tell overture with fireworks going off gives you goosebumps then soaking in the morning sounds will put you into a delirious state. It doesn't last long but while it lasts it is absolutely magical and whispers in your ear and touches your very soul. If you live where there are birds and not man made noise early in the morning it is worth it to get up early, go outside and just listen. It can transform you and prefect your day.

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Bruce said...

Hmmmmm, maybe not so totally weird after all. Just had a truck come down the road slowly with stick banging neighbor and 4 other neighbors all looking for the missing dog. Turns out it isn't black at all but grey and about 15 years old.
Not good to lose a dog out here under any circumstances. Hope it finds its way to our house where it will be safe until the owner can claim it. Hate to think of any domestic dog loose out here.