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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Junior - by Bruce

Junior sleeping about 20' from our back door.

Another of Junior catching some ZZZZ's
Here are two old photos of Junior. Today we thought he had come back but it was a much younger duplicate of Junior. Which brought to mind this photo. Junior would go out for a day or two and chase the doe's with romantic intentions in mind. Then he would come back and lay down outside the fence and sleep for the better part of a day. I could walk past him and he would not move except to open an eye and look up at me.
It was pretty funny as he would come back, totally exhausted and stand outside the fence looking at the house until I would come out and I would tell him I'd keep an eye out for him to go ahead and get some rest. He would then lay down and go sound asleep. The top photo is Junior sound asleep with total assurance that we were watching out for him. I guess I talked to him enough that he was able to understand what was being said.
We are thrilled that his offspring is now hanging around, but we regret that Junior is not around any more.
As can be seen by these two photo's we had a unique and special relationship with Junior and he with us. When I would tell him he looked pretty tired and it was safe to lay down and we would keep watch for him he would just lay down and go right to sleep. For a wild deer to trust us with his safety was a degree of trust rarely bestowed upon any person. If he has now gone to deer heaven, as we suspect, he certainly lived a full and long life. I hope we played a part in that long full life.
His offspring is pretty cautious but shows no fear. Even if he does approach us it will never be like Junior trusted us. He was a very special guy that we will remember always and will miss very much. To have a full grown buck walk right up to you and let you rub its nose or pick ice balls off its forehead is a rare and unusual trust.
I'll write more Junior stories in the future.


Barbara said...

Bruce, I love your Junior stories. When I saw the title of your blog, I was so happy thinking you were going to share with us that he returned. What a beautiful "fella!" Where ever he is, I hope he's resting peacefully like in your pictures.

Lois said...

Amazing and beautiful story, Bruce. I do remember when you used to write us about Junior. You have great memories to

Deirdre said...

Sacred relationship. God bless you, Bruce... and Junior, wherever his trusting spirit is. And may He bless the new relationships that you will bind and bond with -- the physical images no doubt birthed from twinklings in Junior's eyes! :)

Anonymous said...

What's the new bucks name, Junior Jr. or Junior III?

. . . Rob

Bruce said...

Junior - Junior