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Monday, January 10, 2011

Moisture -by Bruce

Woke up this morning to 6" of fresh snow. 50 degree temperature and very silent due to the muffling effect of the snow. 50 degrees isn't surprising since it was inside and the temperature outside had dropped to 4 degrees.
Took some rare photo's of the tree outside the bedroom window with the snow delicately balanced on the limbs. Normally the wind doesn't allow this to occur. Also the snow on the fence is depicted below. Snow is still coming down and is forecast to continue on through this evening.
Doesn't take long to get frozen fingers outside taking pictures in this weather. Looks like a hunker down day...Ya hooooo....
Still have to feed the birds though...ugggg...

That is the wood shed in the background that keeps our firewood nice and dry. Got the wood stove going again and expect we will go through some firewood today. Love it when I get up and there are still some coals in the stove because that makes it easy to get the fire going again. Toss in some more wood, give the bellows a few puffs and instant fire. What isn't easy is laying in bed, snuggled down in those blankets and knowing it will only get colder inside unless I get up and get that fire going again. Takes some real courage to go from semi hibernation to reality. Yikes.. that is a cold floor. Just another day in the mountains... but it sure is pretty isn't it?

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