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Monday, January 10, 2011

what Bruce does on a cold day/Carol

gets Sarah on his lap to keep him warm!


Barbara said...

Is this what they mean by "creature comforts?" LOL!

Ron and Thelma said...

Not exactly a lap dog is she. Our 6 pound poodle is a little better fit

Bruce said...

She is 25 lbs less than Bozwell and he too is a lap dog. They really love to get up in my lap.
Like Barbara says - creature comforts..

Joy and Phil said...

Beautiful furbabies!

You two are a couple of tough cookies! Living almost like our forefathers did would do me in I'm afraid.

Just a wimp ... (Joy)

Bruce said...

I'll bet you guys would like it more than you think. Sounds much harder than it is. I bet you are tougher than you may realize.