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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wishful thinking -vs- reality - by Bruce- part 2

After a very brisk one mile plus walk with the dogs on a dirt road that is mostly ice and hard packed snow. it is wishful thinking to believe that the wind won't be blowing in your face the entire walk. The reality is that it blows in our face going and coming. Personally I think that it is part of a government conspiracy to make it blow in your face both directions. When you get to the end of your walk and turn around wishfully thinking you will have the wind to your back, you find in reality you are still walking right into it. It is wishful thinking to in any way believe it will calm down to a light breeze. It is reality that it will actually get stronger the further you walk.

First task is brush teeth. It is wishful thinking that your teeth regardless of how healthy won't hurt when that ice cold water comes out of the tap. The reality is that it is just barely above freezing. The water line is buried 6' deep but the ground is frozen solid down to about 4' where the frost line is. No comfortable or tepid tap water here. Reality is that it is so cold that it can be painful.

The wishful thinking is that the song birds would be patient until it warms up outside to be fed. The reality is that out you go to fill empty feeders so they will quit giving you that nasty look through the window. The evil eye from a chickadee can be powerful indeed. You don't want to tick them off because they are third cousins twice removed from buzzards and when you get to be my age and you move a little slower, you don't want the buzzards circling above your head.

The wishful thinking is that the morning would be a little longer, but here it is already half spent and you have done your bible study, your prayers, fed the dogs, picked up poop, got the wood stove going, taken the dogs for a walk, fed the birds, brushed your teeth, taken your Rx, brought in fire wood, gobbled down a bowl of cereal, along with a small glass of prune juice (deferred dividends) and your morning has shrunk to half a morning. Between the two of us who share these duties we are just about ready to get our day going. Right after our nap...

Wake me when lunch is ready....

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