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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yea!!! Spring is here - by Bruce

When I took the dogs out a few minutes ago I did what I frequently do. While waiting on them I looked up into the sky. Some times I just stand there and marvel at the stars and the clear sky. Tonight imagine my total surprise when I saw the little fuzzy things and buds coming out on the aspen trees in the back yard. Spring is here and I only hope it is to stay.

Who would have thought Spring would start mid January. Wooo Hooooo..

Click on the photo to enlarge it hopefully you can see what I'm talking about..


Ron and Thelma said...

Bruce I doubt whether spring is there already. My sister lives around the Denver area and they always get snow in march and april Don't get you hopes up to much

Mike said...

Yer dreamin,,,,,,,,LOL!

Bruce said...

Yup:Probably dreaming. Woke up to 5" of fresh snow this morning. Some people believe in a rodent to predict 6 more weeks of winter. Some believe in the tooth fairy, Some a fat guy in a red suit that delivers gifts all over the world in one night, others in a rabbit that hides colorful eggs.
I'll just dream of spring and take what comes between then and now. Dream's sure do give me hope for something to look forward to though.
We have a total of 52" of snow so far. Our average is around 265". The longer we go the more apt we are to get 4-5' at a time. We get snow through May and actually into June sometimes. I think I'll just keep on dreaming cause that is a lot of reality to deal with....LOL Love you guys, Bruce