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Thursday, February 10, 2011

pictures from Wednesday, Feb. 9/Carol

Nothing like snow covered trees against that beautiful Colorado sky!

This pile of snow is off the roof and some from the back yard area. This is also where the garden is in the summer time!

The dark brown door back there is the entrance to where the laundry room is.

While Bruce was shoveling elsewhere, I made my way through that pile. It took a while but it is done!

This is the pile of snow we created in the middle of the driveway...and the top of the garage down on the road.

The truck is visible...a little...and the Jeep is this side of it!

This is the area Bruce shoveled out so he could drive his tractor out from under the deck.
We do get a lot of exercise!!


Sasha said...

Incredible pictures!!! Wow!!!

Bruce said...

Yesterday we spent over 5 hours shoveling and today 4 hours once the tractor got started to clear the driveway.
Next, take the dogs for a walk - something they have not been able to do for a week now. Glad to have the snow cleared before the next storm gets here.