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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My computer was running a little slow and after days of muttering under my breath about it I finally took the time to defragment it and clean the files. It is humming right along now and when I tell it to preform a function it does it just like it has been designed to work.

So this got me to thinking and it occurred to me that we humans are a lot like an over worked congested computer. As we go through out routine day doing our normal activities and we pick up little pieces of debris that accumulates over time and adds up to make us work less efficiently. That idiot that cut in front of us on the way to work, the moron who cut in line at the check out, the depressing world events, daily pressures, etc. All add up to clutter up our thinking process and slow us down by occupying those parts of our mind that would be better spent elsewhere. They say we only use 10% of our brain so if we load that 10% with debris how efficient can be really be?

The first thing that appeared when I turned on the defragmentation program was it told me first it had to analyse my file programs. That seems reasonable, so when it had done that it made 5 separate passes to clean up all my files. It looked at my system and decided what needed to be done, ask my permission and then zipped through my files putting them in order.

This speaks to me because we busy humans never or rarely take the time to put ourselves in order. As is so common now a days to being propelled forward plus we are used to being told to get over it and move on. We have come to just accept those conditions and keep rushing along at sound barrier speed. So we leave a lot of destruction in our path and accumulated debris within ourselves.

Maybe we should defrag ourselves occasionally. What unfinished business have I left in the dust? Am I frustrated and angry? Maybe I need to analyse some things in my life that need to be addressed to be happier. Do I take the time to stop and enjoy myself and others? Do I focus on little squabbles instead of the big picture? Do I accept fleeting moments as routine instead of really enjoying them. Do I marvel at the sunrise? When is the last time I did some introspection? Am I having fun or just going through life? When is the last time I told my wife I loved her?

Why is it we don't take time to enjoy the things that mean the most to us but instead race ahead to the end of our days telling ourselves it will all work out in the end when we know it won't. Are we depriving ourselves of enjoyment of life looking for deferred pay offs sometime in the future? Maybe it is time we clicked on that defragmentation button for ourselves and cleaned our system so we could function better and enjoy the now of life and not just hope everything will work out in the future.
Time alone and in a quiet place - even if for a few minutes - allows us to unencumber our cluttered up inner selves. Maybe if we did this we would all be happier, more in the moment, and complete. Living remote in the mountains works for us. Plenty of quiet time here. Just my thought for today... Hit that defrag button... It really doesn't hurt at all. Or are you waiting for a time to become available in the future????

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