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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Echo gets saved and is being prepped for a new home

Today I was privileged to drive to the Valley Humane League between Alamosa and LaJara Colorado and pick up Echo (formally Duke) who was at the Shelter and had not been adopted. The shelter is under going serious financial problems and not taking in new dogs and trying to get rid of present dogs. Echo has been there for awhile and has not been adopted. Echo had some serious matting and shedding of his hair and looked pretty scruffy. So many shelters now are suffering financially and need help. Ours is no exception.

I transported Echo to Buena Vista where he was put into a nice clean and spacious kennel where he will live until adopted by his furever home. On the drive up I got to know Echo pretty well and he is a gentle, well tempered boy who was in total control of himself even though he has been in a kennel for perhaps weeks and was ready to explode with energy. He was starved for human contact and got lots of strokes while we were driving down the road. He would crawl under the dog barrier and lay his head on my leg, and I finally allowed him to come up front with me. He was a perfect gentleman and very well behaved. Who ever adopts him is going to get a super special boy.

There were a couple times I almost turned around and headed back home with him. I just couldn't figure out how we could house, feed and transport 4 large dogs and provide them all the attention they individually require. If there was anyway possible he would already be in his new furever home with us. He is a wonderful guy that I am glad I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with. I got ton's of kisses, snuggles, and love.

When we finally combed those mats of fur and combed him out he could not have been happier as is evidenced by the photo below. He will be someone's very best friend forever and an excellent companion. Notice in the photo below not only how happy he is but also how well he looks. Click on his photo to see him better.

Echo, I wish you the very best future and hope you have all the happiness you truly deserve. He clearly comes from good parents and is regal and very well bred. Someone is going to adopt a once in a lifetime companion. Did I say he was super intelligent? So while I sit here writing this to post and am exhausted after driving over 400 miles. I am also very satisfied as I know he is now at a quality rescue where he will only be given the perfect furever home and his remaining life will be good.


Barbara said...

What a wonderful story Bruce. I loved it! He certainly is a "looker!" I hope he finds his forever home where he will be loved and appreciated. Feel free to share this story on my list if you like. Best, Barbara

Pat said...

Well, isn’t he beautiful… I hope he finds the very best loving furever family, too… Thank you for what you do for these dogs.

Bruce said...

He is special for sure but our Bozwell is major special. Gypsy has cataract's and in bright light doesn't see that well. Add to that her hearing is seriously diminished and you have to yell yourself hoarse to get her attention and often she doesn't see hand signals.
Yesterday I had let her and Bozwell out in the back yard to potty and I called Gypsy several times without her hearing. Bozwell came from across the yard and got up against her and gently steered her to the back door. To see that was amazing. He has not been trained as a service dog but did it naturally. That is amazing.

Mike McFall said...

You won my heart over with Echo.. He is Beautiful....What a wonderful companion he would make an old guy like me.....I would love him.....
I am sure proud of what you do for the German Shepards,,,,