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Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day Of Fall

A short bicycle ride down our road reveals that this is indeed the first day of autumn. The leaves are just starting to change and the aspen trees are getting yellow. The air is crisp, smells of fall, and I thought I had better get these photo's now as I recall in years past when I waited it was regretfully late. Either the wind will blow all the leaves off the trees or the snow will cover them up.
So here are some photo's of our road on the first day of fall. The colors are forecast to peak in two or three days. When they do it is breath taking here in the mountains for as long as the snow holds off. Some area's of Colorado mountains has already received snow fall, so you never know what tomorrow will bring. Or for that matter what later this morning will bring. We enjoy the color change while we can because sometimes it is very short.


Jessi said...

Very beautiful! I'm Jessi, and I found your blog through Mother Earth News. I'm excited to read more and learn from your experiences- my little family of myself, Craig, our 2 cats and fishtank will be trying to move to Colorado next summer from the very hot and humid beach town of Wilmington, NC!

Bruce said...

Welcome Jessi: It is a funny thing about Colorado - especially S. Colorado. People either love it or hate it. Some only live here a year or maybe two and the heavy snow fall gets to them. Where we live we average 264" per year. The winters are long and cold but not unbearable. It is easier to live peacefully with the wildlife than resist. Colorado is an outdoor lifestyle. We have lived 14+ years in a very small cabin because much of the time is spent outdoors. My guess you will all like it here. Thanks for checking out our blog, and hope it will help you in your move...

Anonymous said...

Bruce and Carol,

You guys are living a dream. My husband and I are longing to move to a more rural part of NC. Right now we live inside the limits of a small town. We have this crazy idea that we can live "off the grid" or as much off as we can. We want to raise our son(9) in a less commercialized environment. Here there are too many drugs, crime and just general disrespect. Hopefully soon you will be reading my blog. :-) Keep up the great info, we enjoy it so. Good health to you both and to your fur family.
Best Wishes,
Jody& Tim Honeycutt
China Grove, NC

Bruce said...

Thank you Jody & Tim: I hope we do read your blog one day and you too get to live your dream. We planned for years to live here as we do and it can be a reality but you need to plan ahead and prepare well in advance. Our second choice was NC but land was more expensive there and I believe we were meant to be here anyway. If for no other reason to prove to people that it is still possible.
I must tell you we are so thankful that we don't have to raise children today. There is just so many dangers for youngsters I know I would not sleep well at night. We resisted commercialism with our daughter too. We thought we were loosing the fight but when she grew up we discovered we had actually won the battle. I hope you achieve the same level of success with your son. Her peers were telling her one thing and we were telling her something else and in the end love and patience won out. Stubbornness helps a lot too. I do not envy your responsibility and hope that you get to live your dream too. I'm glad you enjoy our blog and hope until you get to realize your dreams you can have some vicarious pleasure in reading our blog.