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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our first cowboy breakfast of the year. Previously it has been so dry that it was less than safe to have an outdoor fire - even one in the cook stove with the super spark arrestor on the chimney. With a little rain recently and the ground wet it was the right time to cook outside. The potatoes were seasoned with spices that came from Syracuse, NY - Dinosaur BBQ company. The eggs were lightly seasoned with Dill which gives them a unique flavor. The Spam, well, spam is spam but cooked outside on the grill adds a flavor that compliments the potatoes and eggs and makes for a good breakfast.

There is just something about eating a breakfast outdoors on our picnic table which was built from lumber milled off our own property that makes the experience special. There was a slight breeze rattling the aspen leaves, a doe with her two fawns browsing in the back yard, the elk bugling up in the woods, and the early morning sunshine coupled with the wood fire carefully built in the stove that makes food taste especially good. When you add Carol and the chance to sit down and eat together it all makes for an excellent start of the day.

So having our cowboy breakfast outside on a beautiful day is truly a very special way to start a day. Sometimes we will have biscuits with honey or sorghum on them, or Texas toast, and a pot of fresh brewed coffee and juice. Add a little fruit and the whole breakfast comes together. Some times Carol will make pinch cake to go with the breakfast. We opted for the basics and slow cooking it on a wood stove adds an element that just gets one to salivating for the delicious flavor and outdoor experience of eating out. So when we say we are eating out it is most likely different than most folks idea of eating out.


Raylene said...

-Bruce's description of your Cowboy Breakfast made me drool!--especially since it is 9:30 PM and I just had my dinner--a bowl of Life Cereal! I had choir practice tonight so it was a late dinner for sure.

Deirdre said...

I love the way the two of you love life, and the way you love each other. :)