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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow Maze

So what would one do with a back yard of deep snow? The dogs have long legs but not that long. Thus far this fall we have received 60" of snow that has not melted away but thanks to the sun it has compacted some what. We do have an abundance of snow so why not put it to good use?

What we do with it is instead of trying to throw it over a 6' high fence is we shovel it in rows which creates a maze where the dogs love to play chase with each other. Bozwell who has the really long legs can vault over some of the smaller snow rows which gives him an advantage. It is like a snow maze playground for the dogs. Only Gypsy who doesn't run any more (she is 14.5 years old) just ambles around out there and we have to keep a close eye on her so she doesn't get confused and upset or worst, lost. The other dogs love to run around the piles playing doggy tag that only they know the rules for.

This is also the favorite time of the year for them when it comes to ice cycles hanging off the roof. That is doggy candy of the highest grade and those ice cycles are coveted by all four dogs. They also like to roll, burrow, face plow in the fresh snow. This is one of their favorite times of year and lucky for them it can last up to 8 months in duration. Not quite so lucky for us though as if we achieve our average snowfall we only have 204" to go. When we are done with the snow we will have 8-10' high banks along the driveway and 6' high snow rows in the back yard. Lots of work for us and fun for them. As soon as the sun hits those snow piles they will get hard and the dogs can walk along the tops of them. Another fun element to playing dog tag in the back yard in the back yard.

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