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Friday, February 3, 2012

Remote - Isolated Mountain Living

As I have done the latest series of blogs for Mother Earth News on choices I recognize that not every one would choose our lifestyle or be interested in how we live. Therefore some of those blogs would not pertain to many people. Some however would pertain to people who may come from many different lifestyles.

Dealing with a partner who seems to be always in the way or occupying 'your' space can be frustrating. Especially when you are that half of the partnership and don't realize it. This blog deals with those little unexpected life frustrations. Hopefully there is something for everyone in this blog. To read the entire blog go to:

While you are under the Happy Homesteader heading take a look at the heading sawing your trees into lumber, by David Boyt. David is a sawyer and I have had three mills over my lifetime and sawed more logs than I can count. Therefore we have a lot in common and similar experiences. David is an excellent writer and I'm sure readers will enjoy his writing style and the abundance of information he provides in his articles. You can go to his blog by going to:

I hope you enjoy both articles and the material provided and somehow it may be beneficial to readers.

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