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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Gives Anyway???

The photo above shows the aspen trees starting to bud out. I thought it was winter here - it is only February, and there are a minimum of two months of winter still ahead of us. This normally happens in the springtime, so maybe we are going to have an early spring this year, although I don't think that is possible. It has been getting down to single digit temperatures at night, and into the high 20's during the day. Something has happened to the aspen trees as they apparently think it must be time to start producing leaves. That is strange as the photo below reveals that we have several feet of snow on the ground and it is still very cold.

So it is a puzzle to me why the aspen trees are trying to send forth their leaves in the heart of winter. We have had 204" of snow so far with our real heavy snow months ahead of us. It has been cold, winter wind, and over two feet of snow on the ground. Lots of winter still ahead of us and therefore it is a real puzzle to me why in the dead of winter the aspen trees are wanting to leaf out. We still have and are having some brutal cold, snow, wind and now the trees are trying to produce leaves. I wish I could make some sense out of this strange behavior. It is all of our aspen trees and not just one or two.

The other day I was moving some firewood and it was below freezing and as I picked up a piece of wood a spider started to crawl across the snow. First time I have ever seen a spider in very cold weather even move let alone crawl. I'm sure all this means something but it is well beyond my comprehension what to make of it.

Something for sure is going on that this should be happening like it is. Usually when the aspen trees bud out the song birds have returned. Not a single song bird so far so all this strange behavior is beyond my comprehension. Something strange is happening for sure, I just don't know what is causing it to happen or why it is happening.

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Barbara said...

Looks like nature can't make up her mind what it wants to do in your "neck of the woods" my friend! Not too unlike the rest of this crazy world..........can we say, confused?! Barbara