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Saturday, March 24, 2012

64 degrees today and even though the snow is still piled high, it was a great time to give Bozwell a shower!

 The other dogs were happy that it was only shower time for Bozwell!


Bruce said...

How many other dogs have their own personal warm water shower? Ours do and thankfully the outside temperatures were 65 degrees and no wind or breeze.

Mountain Dream Land said...

Looks like he's really enjoying it.

Makes me wonder why, with the amount of sunshine that more in the area don't take avantage of more passive solar for heating and lighting when designing their homes.
Do you think it is more the initial expenditure or costs to set up, or that it won't work well here?

I know when the sun comes up and comes through the windows of my building it warms the whole building and then stays warm most of the day. Nice to get something free for a change!

Jane said...

You guys must be used to the snow, as Bruce is barefooted, and giving Bozwell a shower???? Yikes –I’m shivering just looking at them!!! J

Patricia said...

Mountain Dream land - good question. I know there are some FP residents off the grid. I get the impression solar is pricey to install and then there seem to be issues with reliability. Maybe part solar/part electricity would work. I'd love to have some solar panels here in Texas, but the HOA's would scream if we tried it.

When we get ready to build on our FP property, we will sure look into solar.