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Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Sign Of Spring

We have a triangular cut glass three sided sun catcher with a prism hanging in the center of it that we have used for years to tell us when Spring really arrives. When the sun gets to a certain place in the sky it hits the cut glass and prism and makes rainbows all over the living room. I know there is a scientific method for figuring this out but we have found living on the side of a mountain, high up, this is more reliable. When we start to see the rainbows on the side of the living room wall we know it is Spring. The calender may give us a date when it starts based on an equinox but this is a better indicator for us. It has proven far more reliable than a date on the calendar. The Robins are back, the rainbows are out, the trees are starting to produce buds, and the snow is melting. Looks to me like it is Spring.

We have a triangular window in the front of the house and the triangular doohickey hangs in the center of that window. Our system has been 100% accurate to tell us the end of 16 Winters and the start of Spring. We bought this at a craft show many years ago and probably the maker never expected it would end up a weather forecaster in the mountains. If you click on the photo you can see the rainbow a little more clearly.

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Steve said...

Awesome. Being up here, we all really become more in tune to weather and the seasons. In our cabin, when the sun moves into summer mode, it comes over the ridge, through the glass wall in the living room, and into the bedroom, lighting the room like someone turned on a golden light. It's magical. In winter, it moves across the greenhouse built onto the south side of the house, and warms the whole structure when we open the kitchen door. Many winter days, we don't have a fire going until the evening.