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Monday, March 5, 2012

New Back Yard Gate

Putting the finishing touches on a new gate installed today because the weather turned really nice. Note I have on a sweatshirt, the temperature is almost 50 degrees outside, still lots of snow on the ground and more expected in two more days so with the break in weather, today was the day.

We made the gate from a tree here on our property which we milled lumber from last summer. Made the gate and waited for a good day to get it installed. The photo above is putting the finishing touches on installation. From a tree to a gate, and it didn't cost a penny as I could use the hardware from the prior gate that had worn out.

So while we wait for the next snow storm to arrive day after tomorrow we took full advantage of the glorious weather today to get a new gate installed. We haven't received our usual 3-4' of snow at one time yet, so maybe this week will be the BIG one.

It was nice to finally be able to get out the folding lawn chairs and sit outside on the deck for a while today. Pretty nice break in the weather and we took full advantage of the nice change.


Barbara J. Galasso said...

Hey the wiring that is attached to the wood frame of your gate to keep the animals out or to keep your dogs in?

Anonymous said...

Hello Bruce, I really like reading your blog, and love the topics you write about. My wife and I bought 4 acres on Mulligan Place last September and are planning on retiring to FP in a little less than 5 years. Our land is on a pretty steep grade and have noticed that your property is on a relatively steep grade as well. The company we purchased the land from gives us the choice to exchange properties one time during the first year. I have found 2.5 acres on parcel #300/FP-1, which is on Wagon Mesa Loop. This property seems to be much flatter but still with good views. If you are familiar with this property could you give me your thoughts. Unfortunately, I won't be able to physically look at the property for several weeks due to my schedule, but also don't want to miss an opportunity on a better piece of property if that is the case. If you could give me any advice either way I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

Bruce said...

To keep other animals out. Our guys are so spoiled that they don't want to go out unless they absolutely have to. We watched a bear one time climb over that old gate so now with the arch it will be harder. Won't keep them out but it will eliminate one source of access for them. Of course a big cat could leap that 6' fence but big cats go to any means to avoid humans and our guys are never left outside by themselves, even for a minute.

Bruce said...

Wagon Mesa Loop is a beautiful area of the park and nearer to the front of the park where the snow seems less and it is easier to get out. This time of year you wouldn't have to contend with the ultra muddy roads like those living further into the park. Having not seen your property it is hard to tell how flat it is. Some of the lots taper off in the back or drop steeply. I don't know what yours does. I left this morning to go to town for groceries and when I came back the roads were deep in mud. You sure wouldn't have to deal with that if you lived on Wagon Mesa. The roads in the front of the park were actually pretty good. That is something worth consideration. I would go to look at your lot but the mud between us and where your lot is makes travel next to impossible. The lots on Wagon Mesa for the most part have a beautiful view of Mt. Blanca. I hope that is some help.
Hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

Carol said...

not all lots have a view of Mt. Blanca though. if you are familiar with the area, the other end of Wagon Mesa Loop(closer to the middle of the Park) comes out across from the Center....and those lot numbers are in the mid-400's.