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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012, 5-6 Feet.

The above photo shows the snow along our 6' fence.
The above photo depicts the basement door. This is partially covered by the deck which is 8' from the ground.
The above photo depicts the area under the deck where the tractor and snow thrower are kept.
The above photo depicts the brush pile taken yesterday morning.
This photo is the same area today.
This photo depicts the garden area, and that sign is 6 1/2' off the ground. Carol is in the back ground. To the right under 8' of snow is the door that goes under the house.

This is going to take a while to clear as these areas are mostly not accessible by snow thrower which will handle up to 2-3 feet of snow. Oh my aching back because this will have to be done by shovel.


Barbara said...

All I can say is.......better you guys than me! LOL! Barbara

Bruce said...

That's not all Barbara. It is still snowing this morning and where I cleared the deck yesterday afternoon we now have 9" of new snow. We hear it is suppose to stop sometime later today.
You are in my prayers for your surgery tomorrow. Good that you do not have this snow to deal with too.