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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Two

Day two of shoveling out. The weight of the snow bent down the roof over the door to access under the house. I had to get into the area under the house where the snow shoes are kept so I could get to the other side of the house and find out why one of the vent stacks is tilted. I also needed to get the weight off that small roof area. I can't even guess how many tons of snow was laying on that small roof. I'm sure I already know why the stack is tilted but I need the snow shoes to get to stack anto dig it out and get the weight of the snow and ice off of it. Most of today will be spent shoveling (day 2) and hopefully tomorrow the snow will be compressed enough to use the blade on the tractor to push a trail down to the road. Every time the sun hits the snow it gets heavier and heavier. If left to melt it will develop 6-8" of ice in a couple days. I'm not sure why I need to get to the road as we have not seen a plow and it may be another day before we do.

Tried to use the snow thrower yesterday but the snow was far to deep for it to handle. Also to wet as it kept clogging up which is very time consuming to unplug the chute. Also had to dig the tractor out twice so if I have to keep digging the tractor out it would be just as easy to dig a path to the road. Or I can set on the deck and watch the snow melt, that fits right into retirement. and doesn't take much effort.


Bruce said...

Yea!!!!!! The amazing road crew just got out road plowed. They were taxing their equipment to move all that snow. These guys are clearly the best we have ever had out here. I have the driveway about half done and maybe I can push enough off the drive to at least have a path to get to the road. Gonna take a while thogh....

Mary W. said...

Bruce and Carol,
Your pictures are incredible! We get snow in southern Minnesota, but nothing like what you received. This year has been very unusual for us. We only had around 20 inches for the season so far. In our area, the average is 66 inches of snow. Also, our temperatures have been 10 to 20 degrees above normal. Good luck with the shoveling and stay safe.
Mary W.

Bruce said...

It has taken 3 days now but I finally cleared snow down to the muddy road. Hope the roads dry out in 3-4 days and I can get out again. Just made a rescheduled doctors appointment.