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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Topic Rules

A regular reader and contributor has reminded me that the rules for this blog need to be clarified. First I never lay claim to being right and I do not publish topics that I know are provocative or wrong. As administrator I always welcome opinions that differ with mine and over the years I have learned a tremendous amount from those differences. No one is right all the time and that applies to me especially. Just like two halves make a whole two somewhat different opinions can make a better and more wholesome thought process.
We really only have one rule for posting comments and that is the comment is directed to the subject and not against any person. Recently I did not post a comment that was a personal attack on me. I try when possible to post photos that verify the topic posted and to be as factual as possible. When I am not sure (like the measurement of our last snow) I say so. Inappropriate allegations will not be posted if they attack a person or attempt to destroy them.

Differences of opinion are welcome and will be posted. What will not be posted will be attacks on any persons truthfulness, their integrity, honesty, ethnic background, motives, race or religion. If a comment is aimed at demeaning a person they will be omitted. I also will not publish comments that contain vulgar language.

We receive comments that are also sexual in nature and some originate from other countries. Those will not be posted. I hope to learn from readers comments and I hope they take a bit from mine as well. Comments are always welcome and I hope the above rule will help readers understand why some comments are not posted. In the future I will not address vulgar or demeaning comments and it will be as if they don't exist. For me to address them is equally improper. I hope that makes clear why some comments are not posted and some are.

Also I am not that savvy with computers. Like this morning for example when I found several comments that had been presented but not yet posted. I apologize for that and if I don't post a comment it could also be due to my negligence in knowing where to find it. I also have a proclivity to sometimes posting the same comment twice. I'm not sure how that happens. I try to work the bugs out one at a time as I find them.

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