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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wet Snow

This is what about 3 1/2' if wet snow looks like. If you click on the bottom photo you will see just to the left of those two little trees on the right of the photo (they only look small but actually are fair sized trees) a small black dot. That is the side view mirror of the Jeep Liberty.
I checked to plug in the block heater for the tractor which I park under the deck to protect it from snow and I couldn't see the tractor or snow thrower.

I estimate the snowfall so far is nearly 4' and it still comes down at about one inch an hour. It is hard to get a good reading in these conditions. Heavy wet snow and wind gusts which means when you measure in one place it is 3' deep and then move (if you can) a few feet further and it can be 6' deep. I guesstimate it is now somewhere between 3 1/2' and 5' deep.

We get at least one of these storms a year around this time and sometimes two or more storms of this magnitude. You gotta love living in the mountains. We normally don't worry to much about these storms unless it gets over 6' deep and the power goes out like it sometimes does. Then we have to figure out what to do with stuff that needs to be kept cold and find a place where we can find it again when the power comes back on. Sometimes that can take several days as if we can't get out, the power crew can't get to the source of the outage.

The bottom photo shows the Jeep, but what you can't see behind that is the full size truck. The other photo shows that our back window is totally blocked by snow. See ya all in the Spring, after the melt. Three seasons here in Colorado: Snow Season, (usually lasts most of the year) Wildfire Season, and All other seasons condensed down into a couple months.

Did I forget to mention that we love it here and this little snow storm is only a small bump in the road of overall living in the Rockies.


Pat said...

Your definition of "bump in the road" is different than mine...

Looks beautiful... love the pictures... Remember, it's the pictures I love, not the actual snow!

Have fun, you two... Hope you have a 1,000 piece puzzle handy....

Carol said...

no puzzle handy but as long as the electricity doesn't go out, we can stay busy with email, FB, blogs, etc.!

Steve said...

Great photos. Lots of digging!! We got only a bit over 2 feet at 8800 feet on our side of the mountains. ...maybe a bit more, as the wind was howling, and I measured 25" still on a table outside in the morning. Luckily I had just finished repairs on the ATV and plow!