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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Log Splitter Part Two

Out of the crate, assembled (less than one hour), moved into location and put to use.  We ended up doing a quarter of a cord (of splitting) in about 15 minutes, working together makes it a cinch.  Started up easy, functioned smoothly and cost less than other comparable splitters.  The big bonus is that it is made right here in America and when assembly  was taking place you couldn't help but notice the attention to design and detail that you only find in the USA.  Another bonus is that it cost $300.00 dollars less and shipping was free.  All I had to do is drive into the True Value in Alamosa and they loaded it with a front end loader right into the back of the truck. Part one tells of how we got it off the truck.  Before you buy one I would suggest you figure a way to get it out of the back of your truck or off your trailer.  It weighs 600 pounds and you can't muscle it around.  In fact you can't budge it by hand.

Click on the photos and they will enlarge.  Now back to work splitting another cord of firewood.


Raylene said...

Boys love their toys! What a huge time and body saver for you folks!

Sakoieta said...

This is where having the kids at home really helps. My sons used to get splitting axes and they always challenged the "old" man to a splitting contest to see who could split wood the fastest and longest. They always thought they would wear old dad out. Can you all say, "foolish boys"! LOL. :)