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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mulching Tree Limbs

Every winter we have tree limbs break off due to the weight of the snow and trees die.  We cut some of the dead trees down and cut the limbs off and give the tree away to those friends who need firewood.  Such was the cast this year and we ended up with several piles of tree limbs.  Enough limbs to spend two days mulching them.  We put the mulch on wet spots in the driveway to act as filler.

It is a dreaded job as my thumbs and hands ache for days after I mulch limbs.  Not sure if it is the vibration of the limbs being fed through the chipping machine or the constant gripping of the limbs and feeding them one at a time.  Our mulcher will take limbs up to 4" in diameter and convert them to usable mulch.  Not much goes to waste around here.    What ever the reason my hands become sore I'm always glad to have it over and out of the way until next year.  Any more limbs need disposal I'll carry them to the burn site and let others dispose of them next winter when brush piles are burned.  

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