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Monday, May 14, 2012

Proud To Serve

 I just published Ft. Garland - Part 5, in the Happy Homesteader topic of Mother Earth News.  To view it go to:
It tells of one of the reasons our area is such a good place to live.  The mountain views, fresh air, pure water, and healthy living are all good to have but what makes the real difference are those who are neighbors in Costilla County.  Good honest hard working people who you see at the post office, grocery, Post Commissary or other places that make up your neighbors.  In the end it is the people who make the real difference and the clean living is just an added bonus.
It was the people who show their care for those who have served that made this park possible.  When we attended veteran's day ceremonies at our local school our U.S. Congressman who was one of those who gave a speech at the dedication of this park told us in detail how his father served and valued this country and home county.  It was a personal story and there was not a dry eye in the auditorium.   His brother is now our current Secretary of the Interior for the country. Sending those in our county to State and Federal government with down home values can only improve government.   There are many special people in this county and area but when we see them they are just our neighbors.  We have a State of Colorado congressman who lives in our community.  He is unassuming and to meet him  you would never know he held such a high office.  He takes the community values with him in Denver and recently showed what our community was like.  When budget items are being cut for lack of funds - he stood strongly against our legislators voting themselves a travel cost  increase.  Home town values in big government both State and Federal makes for a better life for everyone.  Its just that kind of place to live - where people are raised with values and take them out into the world to make it a better place.

That is one of the reasons we like it here.  You could be talking to your US Senator like he was your neighbor which he just could be. When we send them to Denver or Washington we know we are sending someone with good down to earth values and we are confident they will do right because we have seen them do it with our own eyest in our midst.   Values and integrity count here.  A good place to live.

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