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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trail Camera - May 2012

It is pretty early for deer and elk to congregate in the back yard.  We have had a bear close by which Carol observed two mornings ago.  It was only a couple hundred yards from the house.   Both deer and elk seem to like it in our back yard as it is safe and they can see for a long ways and detect trouble.  Yesterday morning at day break when I took the dogs out for their first of many potty breaks I hear a turkey gobbling not far from the house.

Its that time of year when it is best to look out back and make sure it is clear before letting the dogs out.

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Pat said...

Whew – what a sight! I just get duck and geese… Maybe with the deer and elk coming down early it’s a sign of an early summer – both July 4 and 5 …. It’s been delightful here… just the right temp, except for poor Dave slaving in the sun mowing the grass – he thought it was a tad warm…