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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Part Two

Check out part two on wildfire mitigation at:


Patricia said...

Good article Bruce. I agree that the water truck is a good idea, but its usefulness is probably limited to small fires and then only if we have people to man the truck. Anything big is going to require professional help. The thought of a major fire in FP is terrifying. If the main road were blocked, I honestly don't know if people would be able to get out. I guess it would be every man for himself and I do hope we figure out some better plan than that.

Fire mitigation is also a good idea, but (as you know) only a small portion of landowners are actually doing that. Many of the lots have obviously never been touched. We come up, generally at least once a year, for the sole purpose of clearing our lots (it's an exhausting working vacation, but we love it). We've been major contributors to the burn piles each year. For us non-residents, fire mitigation is a slow process because our time there is limited.

I do hope we can pull together as a community; hopefully big changes (for the better) are in our future.

Barbara said...

Your house looks lovely Bruce and Carol! Best wishes, Barbara