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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Very Active Back Yard

Above Mr. bear who may be the one who tore holes in our screen room.

 I want close up to put on my drivers license.


Barbara said...

How great to see all the many lovely animals that come to pay you a visit. How far away from the house is this camera set up? So glad you finally got a shot of "Mr/Ms Bear!"

Bruce said...

The camera is probably 50' from the house. The screen room set up over the picnic table where the bear ripped holes in the screen is only about 30'. Bears are very curious animals and because of their poor eyesight will sometimes get very close. The closest I have ever been is about 6" nose to nose. It happened suddenly and the bear was as surprised as I was and we both retreated. Most of their food is grass and such and they do not lack for things to eat here. They are wild and unpredictable so we grant them great respect and use caution. They sense we are not a threat to them and grant us equal respect.