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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nasturtiums - The Flower That Keeps On Giving

 The flower box on the front of the house.
The flower box on the deck.  Residual deck water is from a passing shower that just went over us.  These flowers have a slight fragrance that is delicate. Who knew a .99 cent packet of flower seeds would give this much pleasure.  


Pat said...


Carol said...

beautiful! persistence pays!!

Raylene said...

When we lived in Monterey, we had a tall privacy fence a round a concrete patio at the entrance to the town house. It was pretty ugly in reality and was the only entrance to the house. There was a large picture window at what passed as the dining area that overlooked it as well—in all not very attractive. The fence had a 1 ½ foot dirt area around it and I planted nasturtium seeds aplenty. My $5 investment constantly reseeded itself and grew up to the top of the fence and was gorgeous. Hummers visited in groups. When it came time to leave, we were supposed to strip it back to bare. When the inspector came and saw it, I fold him I would pull it out just before we left and he said to leave it for the next lucky family> It was amazing that he let it stay. I have never lived anywhere that it could be repeated---critters always eat the flowers before they reach beauty.