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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wisdom From My Friend Sakoieta

When I think about background and friendship I think of all those things that are available to learn from our dogs.  They can teach us how to be better people and what is important in life.  Here is what Sakoieta had to say about treating others:
I had a discussion with a person a short while ago telling me that they believe without the proper family background we cannot make it in this world successfully. I had to think about that and really came up with this thought that I believe only one type of background is important and it has been proven to be so. Were we kind? Were we respectful? Were we thoughful and considerate of others? If we have learned to respect ourselves and treat ourselves in this manner then we have the proper background. If we show these same characteristics to others it will show in what we say and do and how we say and do things. It will determine where we succeed or fail. Having a good heart and spirit is something anyone can have. It is the best background. Never goad, never trample, never cause another person to fail. When we lift others we are lifted. When we respect others, respect comes to us as well. When we love others, then love abounds. There is nothing more important than having that type of background.


Sakoieta said...

Bruce, I have also found many times when humans have lost that ability to care for others in such a good way, if they turn to the animal world they will again find their way back in the manner in which one of these four legged relatives will teach them and treat them how to be loving, respectful, and kind unconditionally. :)

Bruce said...

More wise words Sakoieta. You speak of things that are important to life. With so much bitterness and rancor today with politics, derision, and conflict your comments are truly a breath of fresh air and serve to ground us all regardless of our circumstances. Thank you my friend.