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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Pack Rat Saga

Here is pack rat number 13 for the year.  He said he didn't care for confinement and just let him go and he would not come back.  He said he thinks he is over his peanut butter addiction now and plans to join the 12 step program and put his life back together.   He was anxious to experience his new freedom down the road from us.  He is now very  happy at his new home where there are no houses to hang out at.  Plenty of downed trees to keep him occupied.  On the average year we usually get two pack rats but this year we have 13 so far and it seems no end is in sight.  Apparently they are being imported from other areas.  Hopefully the pack rat relocation team is starting to run short themselves and hence they will stop.
Like Patricia says, people should have better things to do with their lives than drive pack rats around.  


Gary said...

Hi Bruce, a few years back we had Mice, Squirrels, and even a Possum some how work their way into our attic. I put up one of those large powerful sonic sound makers, i think it came from Harbor Freight. This is similar but not the same as the one we use. Ours is bigger with more controls on it. It is loud - i can hear it upstairs when i pass underneath where is is located in the attic - it has multiple random tones and frequencies. Now we only occasionally hear critters up in the attic and if we do its not for long as they seam to get the heck out fast. Cant speak about pack rats - we dont have them around here near Houston but i would certainly be giving it a try when we eventually build our cabin on Pascoe lane in the future. Luckily if this sonic pest repellent works it will drive them back to where they came from.

good luck,
Gary Hayes

Bruce said...

Gary: That sounds like an option and it covers up to 3500 feet. If they keep coming that may be our final option. I'm glad to hear from someone that it works. We had a smaller version and it was only partially successful. You may have suggested a real viable solution. We have a friend in Georgia that automatically gets notification of these blogs who has a yearly problem with rodents in her attic. I'm sure she will like your comment too. Thank you. Bruce

Jane said...

You would think we would have better things to do, but we too drive pack rats around and relocate them…..we should start a relocation business! We’ve been doing it all summer long….. J thanks for sharing J Jane

Patricia said...

I don't know if those sonic sound makers work. The cabin we rent utilizes one, but we've seen obvious evidence of rats anyway.

However, we have issues with feral cats. Maybe we can bring you some.

Bruce said...

No cats for us Patricia: I'm allergic to them unfortunately or we would have a couple mousers.
We caught two more pack rats this morning bringing the total to 17 thus far.
That ties a record when a neighbor was dropping them off at our house several years ago. They are both sitting on the deck in live traps waiting to be relocated when the sun comes up. The good thing is that I'm getting more exercise than usual walking them down the road to their new habitat.