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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Wise Comment From Sakoieta'

One of the things we always need to be careful of is assuming too much. Really we should never assume anything. We shouldn’t assume just because we say something that someone else understands what we mean or what we have pictured in our minds. Every person peceives differently. What is absolutely clear in my mind and words, to me may seem it is absolutely clear in you, but definitely not the same picture. We are all unique individuals with sending and receiving abilities in our heads. In reality if we manage to communicate clearly on most things it is really a miracle. Simple things that we take for granted can be staggering to others to perceive. We assume too much, ask too much and seldom take into account that not everyone is on the same wave length. We need to understand this if we wish for clarity in our work and relating with others. The Creator gave us a clan system that trains us to work with people who think differently than we do. It teaches us to recognize that even though we follow that clan system, it is by understanding it and studying it that we begin to be able to really communicate appropriately with others, never assuming they automatically understand us in every thing we say or do.

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