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Friday, December 7, 2012

Woozy Bozwell

 Bozwell went in to the vet today and was not a good boy.  Ever since he was manhandled by a vet tech on a previous visit he has an aversion to vet's.  Therefore he had to be sedated to be treated. Had blood drawn for allergy testing and to do a general blood workup.  Also had a sore checked on his leg which does not seem to be a problem.  These photo's show that he remembers going to the vet and is now wondering how he ended up back at home.  He said he is on the same planet that Echo was on two days ago.
He will get his test results in a couple weeks.  The vet did discover he had very sensitive skin because when she shaved his leg to draw the blood he instantly had a rash develop at the site.  We hope we can discover what is the cause of his allergies and get him treated.  In the meantime he is enjoying catching up on his sleep and has plans to return to earth sometime tomorrow.  "Hello Houston, I think we have a problem"  "Get me back to earth please!"

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5 Monkeys and a Chick said...

Aww, so sorry you are under the weather Echo! Well wishes are being sent from the five monkeys to you!